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    Balancing putty

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    Balancing putty

    Balancing putty is an easy-to-use, cold-curing 2-component putty specially designed for balancing armatures for electric motors. Compared to the machining process, such as drilling or milling, this type of balancing has the following advantages:

    • Time saving and quality improvement
    • No costs for drilling and milling machines or tools
    • No rejects due to milled or drilled armatures
    • No chips in the windings
    • Elimination of the risk of accidents

    The simple handling of the product results in considerable time savings, since e.g. deburring operations at the compensation points are completely eliminated. The omission of grooves or holes on the armature package improves the quality of the motors in terms of noise and performance.

    Armatures that have been machine balanced in 1-level adjustment can be balanced in 2-level adjustment with balancing putty without additional expense of time. This means a significant improvement in quality. In addition, there are no metal chips that can get into the winding and cause malfunctions!

    The risk of accidents occurring during drilling and/or milling is completely eliminated. For example, balancing putty is during the test run (in the unhardened state) during the balancing process at 3000 rpm (diameter of the armature 40 mm) not spun off. Additionally, this does not change the specific weight (2.4 g/cm³).

    In contrast to the epoxy resin putty variant, balancing putty is mixed in a ratio of 100 (part A, blue): 86 (part B, yellow). Here, the resin and hardener are kneaded by hand too until the mixture has a uniform light green color. The processing time (pot life) is approx. 1 hour.

    In 20cm long and approximately 3mm thick strands, the mixture can be stored in freezers at temperatures of -25° C for approx. 1 - 3 weeks. After warming up to room temperature (approx. 20° C) it can be used immediately.


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