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    Return Policy

    SEIPP offers a 14-day return policy on most items.

    Our return policy is:

    Before the item(s) shipped by SEIPP can be returned to SEIPP, the customer must first contact SEIPP in writing and obtain written approval for the return. Returns will not be accepted without this approval!

    Please note that each item must be returned in the condition in which it was sent to the customer, ie new items (SEIPP only sells new items!) must be new, unused and complete when returned!

    The following items cannot be returned, even under the return guarantee, but only if they are faulty:

    • Articles that have been marked on the AB/delivery note/invoice: prepayment, return not possible
    • No storage type, return excluded

    In the case of returns not approved by SEIPP, acceptance will be refused as a matter of principle!

    SEIPP charges a 25% deduction for the inspection, processing and sorting of approved returns (not for defective items!).

    dangerous goods

    All dangerous goods items that SEIPP has delivered must be marked as dangerous goods with an appropriate sticker so that the commissioned transport company can recognize this return as dangerous goods!