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    Solvents ELMAT

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    Solvents ELMAT

    Information sheet ELMAT immersion bath process - work instructions:
    Elmat is the result of years of development to simplify the repair of defective coils etc. in electric motors. With the least amount of time and effort imaginable, Elmat has proven itself to be ideal for removing insulating paint for all repair work. By dissolving and swelling hardened impregnating varnishes based on various synthetic resins, dripping and casting resins, bitumen, rubber, silicones and paints, each winding coil, as well as the slot cover, can be removed from the motor without any effort. Elmat is also used to remove dirt. For example, For example, contaminated bearings can be quickly cleaned with Elmat and made operational again.
    The method of burning out the electric motors to remove the insulation lining results in damage to the dynamo sheet insulation and leads to considerable heating in newly wound motors due to the eddy current losses.
    Elmat is a non-corrosive stripping solution for all paint and oil paints, which even dissolves the resinous conversion products formed during oil drying.

    In principle, Elmat may only be used in suitable containers using the immersion bath process, and the advantage is that the electric motors are simply placed in the bath for 2 - 3 hours with the bearing caps open. The motor is then removed again and the winding is removed from the slots without force after cutting off one half of the winding head. All the insulating varnish has dissolved or become soft, so that the coils or insulating groove cladding can be removed in a very short time. To remove loosely adhering insulation residues, all you need to do is blow through with air pressure to complete the cleaning.
    The intensive dissolving power of Elmat also results in a complete cleaning of the engine, signs, bearings, etc., which are also expediently placed in the immersion bath. The exterior paint is also removed and treatment with a sandblast is no longer necessary.


    The most advantageous option is to use the immersion bath overnight so that the engine removal can begin the next morning. As is well known, the outside of the motor grooves are often sealed with wooden strips. When immersing the engines in Elmat, there is a possibility that these outputs will swell significantly. As a result, there is a risk that Elmat will not be able to penetrate quickly and intensively due to the narrowing of the space in order to dissolve the insulating and impregnating varnish. It is therefore important that the wooden sticks are removed before the loosening and cleaning process.
    In cases where large electric motors are cleaned with Elmat and the immersion bath is larger, we recommend covering the bath with a layer of water. This has the advantage of stopping the volatilization of the solvent, but also of protecting people who are sensitive to odors from odor nuisance. Evaporation losses can be compensated for with Elmat LM/64.

    Occupational and environmental protection
    Elmat may only be used in closed systems and is subject to the regulations of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. They are less toxic and have a strong degreasing effect on the skin. Safety glasses and protective gloves should be worn when working with the products. After work, apply a skin ointment to the skin.
    Good ventilation of the work areas must be ensured.
    Elmat must not enter the wastewater. Leftovers must be disposed of properly.
    The information can only provide non-binding advice!


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